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Brodus clay vs Dolph Ziggler

Funny note is I had no idea this match was scheduled and all day I was contemplating on not watching the PPV because I can’t imagine one without dolph performing. He brings the show to life. Not that this match wasn’t in vain but I still enjoyed it. Yes Ziggler has the power of having me decide whether I should watch it or not based soley on him being on the card. There are not many wrestlers that can make me do that.

  1.  Hornswoggle needs to stop dancing like hes having a seizure and I feel like his presence is starting to ruin the funk gimmick. I just feel like theres way to much going on on the screen even without hornswoggle flapping around like an idiot.
  2. I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to see Ziggler sell anything extreme. It was just a regular Brodus clay squash match.
  3. I don’t give a fuck about pushing the Funkasaurus, ZIGGLER DESERVES BETTER. THERE I SAID IT. 
  4. All the while we have the champion of doofus Jack swagger lurking around the ring and bailing on ziggler again. No reason he couldn’t have stole Ziggler a win. 
  5. On another note Dolph ziggler is billy gunn and curt hennings love child while Jack swagger is Johnny aces and (2003 era) christians.
  6. Monkey flips and head butts are apparently ziggler’s kryptonite. He sells it like death.
  7. WWE please, get this man out of the mid card already. Dolph deserves better. If anything, brodus needs less of a push because all he is at this point is a fat dancing ryback. Plus he needs a lot more work on his ring abilities and  development. Zigglers ready for main eventing.
  8. Then again, Zigglers burial could be a lot sadder. He could be the Miz right now.

Overall rating 7. I’m rating generously because ziggler still made the match look good and wwes lucky he doesn’t go all hbk vs hogan at summerslam on their asses and just make clay look like a cheeseball. I just want them to slow down the funkasaurus and set ziggler up to be the biggest heel to main event the next few years. He deserves it and if they don’t start doing that we’re going to be waiting for another face like brodus clay to work on his ring ability for a few years trapped in the midcard. 

Reaction to zigglers loss:

But I’ll end this off with the bootypopping because his matches always make us happy.