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Hell in a cell predictions

A PPV I know I shouldn’t buy but am because….. of well reasons.


Sheamus vs bigshow

personally it doesn’t make sense to me to have bigshow in this match. Growing up - Hell in a cell was match meant to climax a feud. This could of worked with del rio - despite me hating this feud and it being so pathetic (for del rios cred). But why not orton? They have had a underlying rivalry since earlier this year. Sheamus has never truly squashed orton one on one. Maybe once - but again that was months ago. At that time bigshow was still griping about embarrassing himself all the time. Hell bigshow just kind of ragequit on the wwe title picture. He literally just walked out on the whole John cena feud. It wasn’t a feud I liked, or paid much mind too - It was just a really awkward fade out. 

all bitching and moaning aside it’ll probably be a decent match. I see bigshow winning using some kind of weapon. Lets face it super sheamus can’t fall to a clean pin.  So yeah - bigdope wins


Zigglers cash in?Not happening. Its a fake out. WWE knows we anticipate him after every sheamus match to try and cash in. He’ll probably cut a promo on how he stole the spotlight just by saying a few words. If the wwe were creative they would probably throw him in a match with john cena to:

  • Get his ass on the card because he needs it rather then just being backstage. Hes a showoff
  • It’ll give him a reason to break off from vickie. He needs to be on his own. They’re relationship at this point in time is useless
  • Get him some legit actual heat. More of a reason to hate him. It’ll make the kids want to kill him.
  • The last 2 are things he desperately needs to not be WHC Jack swagger 2.0

So my prediction - the successful cash in will be monday.  Stealing from bigshow in like 8 seconds like last year would be way to obvious. hilarious but obvious. monday night would be much better. 



Team Hell no friendship vs rhodes scholars

Let me tell you. You would not catch a tag team dead grab assin unless they were long term tag team champs. The decision i obvious. Kane and dbry are just to big. But this match is really going to help damien sandow and cody rhodes in the long haul. They don’t even have to be put over. They put themselves over.



Randy orton vs alberto del rio.

Randy orton wins with a surprise RKO. what else is new. Del rio is damned to career purgatory.


CM Punk vs ryback.

rYBACK WON’T BE CHAMP. LESNAR WILL INTERFERE. ryback gets his first loss without looking weak or they pull that draw bullshit all over again


Capslock w/e to lazy to fix.

kofi vs miz

Kofi retains. Miz has a show now. He doesn’t necessarily need a title to get into feuds. Like jericho he can be that troll that kind of self insrts themself into feuds. As long as they don’t keep involving larry king - miz will have his important spots.

Kofi - no idea what they’re doing with that dude. His character has no dimension. Worse then Cenas right now. We’ll probably just see another boring title reign unfortunately since everyone jumped ship to the tag team picture as kofi was jumping off. 

eve  vs layla vs kayla

eve is going to win.  I like the way this storyline has played out. Since Eve has had one of the most prominant features - having appeared on tv more then layla and kaitlyn this year (probably combined) it doesn’t make sense to give them a title. I like layla and kaitlyn but laylas probably on her way out by next year and kaitlyn needs more development. Besides if there was someone I had in mind for eve to lose her title to I have 2 great and deserving competitors in mindnatalya being the second choice and the obvious first is aj lee. 

My night of champions predictions and wishlist

sheamus vs alberto del rio

So every one is hyped up about the whole brogue kick banning and think sheamus would use it in the match.

Remember my extreme rules review where I thought they would utilize the whole ” THOU SHALT NOT KICK REFEREE” probation storyline? And that Dbry would not win, but at least endanger sheamus’ championship reign. I mean Dbry was clever enough at the time. But nope. In fact the whole probation deal became irrelevent until last friday where it was brought up once again. 

With that in mind, I’m sure sheamus will win unfortunately leaving del rio buried. Again. Its obvious they are only building del rio up, giving him big wins to make him look strong, but sheamus still has that breakfast club pro membership card to keep his push going strong. 

besides, what would you expect of sheamus throwing a brogue kick with his title on the line? “OOPS”. lol no not happening. If hell freezes over and it does - the memes will be glorious.

However, I would be happy if Del rio won. If he did it wouldn’t be clean, but if he did then I would know 100% ziggler would cash in and win the WHC. Its obvious they don’t want sheamus to be a champion that gets taken down right after a match and want to show him having much more endurance then previous champions. Also, it would end this dreadful feud.

Honestly I love all the improvement and development its given to del rio, but sheamus is as boring as a sack of potatoes right now for me.  I would love to see this be a hardcore match to make it more unpredictable… but alas we get the same recycled bullshit we’ve gotten through the summer.

Cm punk vs john cena:

So let me get this straight…. in the year of two thousand and fuck Cena super cena in super cenas home town will fight wwes biggest antagonist at the moment who also just happens to be some kind of corrupt champion. LOL NOPE. 

NOT HAPPENING. It looks like they’re building Cena into some kind of rut - probably to push sheamus or ryback to be the new face. Not completely and awkwardly removing him from the title scene like they did the miz, but just kicking him down a few pegs. I mean lets face it, Cena will not be the huge face of the company when hes 40, its just the way it is. He’ll still be a huge guy, but will be replaced. I’m really hoping that this is a snapping point for Cena, since he recently had a bitch fit about having no character changes in the past 6 years. This is what the wwe needs. It’ll  change things. And for at least a few monthes… things may feel less shitty.

So the prediction is cm punk retaining, and I’m wishing for punk to win.

layla vs kaitlyn

Okay, this may be a long shot and this prediction may be destined to crash and burn but I can live with it… since I’ve always had a feeling I’m a lot more creative then wwe creative. 

So basically… Kaitlyn gets injured backstage some how. Eve takes her spot, and gets the win. BUT IT WAS EVE WHO ATTACKED KAITLYN… RESULTING IN A FEUD.  Kaitlyn will be like “she robbed meeeee” and eve will just evil laugh. I say this because 

  1. Eve was the originally planned number 1 contender before the battle royal botch.
  2. Eves on tv at least once a week. I could probably count on one hand how many times kaitlyns fought on tv this year. 
  3. Kaitlyns waaaaaaay to new. 

So yeah…. I dgaf. Eve torres for the win.  

Randy orton vs dolph ziggler

Dolph needs the win. Randys going away to film a movie anyways. but then theres that breakfast club pro membership card swipe giving him a free rko for an ego boost…

oh.. why am I bitching? this will be match of the night. Hands down.

Prediction : orton

wishing for: 

The US Championship battle royal/match:

Zack ryder. brodus clay. or damien sandow. pray for sandow.

Doesn’t matter. Cesaro will win.

I like Cesaro so hell, throw him a bone. Just get rid of that stupid rugby player gimmick. IF HE WAS A RUGBY PLAYER HE WOULDN’T BE IN WRESTLING RIGHT NOW ASSHOLES.


No Kane, you don’t have to bake a cake. But you will have to keep your bromance together to become the tag team champs.

Honestly, I want kofi and truth back in singles action. I want Kane to have a strap, and this team gives me fond memories of HurriKane. WHATS UP WITH THAT???!! Any ways, this will surely bring more well deserved attention to the tag division and I am already preparing for the serious lulz coming our way.


The Miz vs Cody Rhodes vs Botch cara vs Rey Myspotmonkey

I really don’t care about this match, but hopefully there will be a miz face turn or at least become a tweener. Not out of the realm of possibility since Miz has great Mic skills. Plus I would love to see a legit cody rhodes and miz feud. 

Prediction: miz. Wishing for miz. 

Thanks for reading

Can I just say

I am really excited for orton vs ziggler and I hope ziggler goes over in this match. 

They wrestled last summer and the match was excellent. And from what I know it is the main event for tomorrow night. Considering the push Zigglers been given, I hope this match doesn’t end in typical breakfest club fashion with orton winning clean. I hope he puts ziggler over to foreshadow him taking home the WHC.

And vince, when this happens don’t you dare make it a 7 second reign. That would just bastardize MITB from here on out. 

If its any condolence to Randy Orton fans…

This will be his last suspenison, because after this offense they’ll start looking away when he pees. 

They would never fire him. Ever.

Am I the only one who doesn’t think pot is really a reason to get suspended for? I mean really, who gives a shit. Besides CM Punk and Linda Mcmahon. As long as it doesn’t effect his performance no harm done. 

Not the development I was hoping for

but judging from the match dolph and orton had last summer I’d love to see them feud.

did alberto del rip vs randy orton really need to be interrupted 3 times by commercial break?

Its like they knew this match was going to be boring any way. 

Randy just RKO him already.

Its not like you wouldn’t do that to your grandmother by now.

Preditcion: Neither of these 2 will win because they’re to preoccupied with their own tiff. Either Jericho or Alberto del rio, guys who will take the last drop of piss out of any one to get by will take advantage of that. They made that character mistake with Daniel Bryan at extreme rules and I’ll be very disappointed if Jericho or del rio are not able to utilize their heel smarts to pull off a victory. I’m so sick of the faces taking over everything and being unstoppable.  We need a heel, consistently defensive champion.   

Kane vs Randy orton
  1. They should never have a ref with the reflexes of a glacier ever work a falls count anywhere match ever again.  I’m pretty sure it was actually this guy:
  2. I saw a YOLO sign in the crowd and screamed GTFO. 
  3. That sign was probably the reason why a suicidal zack ryder interfered just to be useless and thrown onto the other side of the room. Yup sounds like an idiots YOLO moment.
  4. Grand moment of michael cole saying kane has no expression on his face only to finally get pwned by booker t basically saying “No shit bro hes wearing a mask”. Hilarious. Cole had no douchey comeback for once.
  5. Match was pretty slow and back and forth. I would have loved to see some bloodshed. 
  6. Also, remember that really badass “sit up” kane and the undertaker used to do? Why are they not utilizing that anymore. Even sitting at home, when that happens, you’re overwhelmed by feeling their opponents feeling of doom.
  7. Randy orton won. That match I at least got right.
  8. Hopefully this ends their boring feud because we all know this is only happening because Wade is injured. If wade was facing Randy Orton tonight this would have been a much better match.
  9. Kane, really just needs a good storyline to carry him through the rest of the year because this whole randomly attacking people because of t shirts and handshakes deal is not doing the momentum we all expected of remasked kane any justice and is just embarrassing us. 

Overall rating, 7. Match was just to slow and even though I love kane I didn’t really give a fuck about it. Randy orton was advertised for fighting at Over the limit (and possibly main eventing). If his opponent is once again Kane.. well I have an appropriate randy orton gif that will explain my feelings about that.