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Posts tagged: pregnancy

On monday I’m finding out Jellybeans gender

So tell me guys, what do you think I’m having? a boy jelly bean or a girl jelly bean?

(I’ve always thought jellybean was a boy :) thats my pick).

Got woken up today

By the worst muscle spasm ever in my leg.

 I haven’t had those in awhile and it just randomly came about while I was sleeping. The muscles are so tight right now it feels like theres a ball in my leg :(

I’m not sure if its a symptom of pregnancy or not but it hurts like a bitch.

I’m not having twins.=/

I’m a bit disappointed, but I’m fine with my one jellybean that I love more then life itself. I got to see jellybean today for the first time and just….

It was just amazing. The doctor said jellybean is completely healthy and we even found out the source of the bleeding from monday and it have nothing to do with the pregnancy  (my uterus, cervix, etc). Cut myself shaving somehow….sorry for the TMI. Now that I think about it that blood didn’t look like period blood, but I must have been panicking to much to think straight. But her, you would to if you were only 8 weeks pregnant and you had some blood come out of your lady parts. It was really scary. I thought something happened to jellybean. 

Well anyways that ends that saga. I’m just really relieved and feel weird still today. I think my brain and heart is all  confused. 

Unbelievable manic episode right now

I can’t sleep after getting about 2 hours of it after work. I’ll probably knock out later but for now I’m finding myself cleaning my room like a nutjob. Hell. at least I’m in a good mood and not irritable. I just wish I could sleep for jellybean/jellybeans. 

I have my doctors appointment at 9am. I’m just way to excited to sleep I guess. I feel like I just found out I was pregnant all over again. I’m just lost on cloud nine. 

I have a feeling I might just be showing  a but because this is my second pregnancy so I’m trying not to get my hopes up. Strangely enough, I do feel like I’ll be disappointed. I love our jellybean, and I know if there were 2 it would be more of a problem but I don’t know. I’d still be proud I’m going to be giving life to 2 beautiful people. It feels like theres a tennis ball inside of me right now, its actually a bit uncomfortable but I don’t really care. Thats my jellybeans home for now <3

Did I forget to mention that when the doctor told us we might be having twins Matt did a cart wheel in the parking lot? He was floored <3

The doctor thinks I might be having twins






To fucking excited. 

I’m 8 weeks and…

I had a really scary morning. I woke up early today and pee’d like usual and then I saw some blood spotting. I freaked out, told matt and went to the hospital. I really thought I was going to miscarry again but luckily the baby is fine, If it continues I’m on bed rest but its apparently kind of normal especially earlier on. Today was the first time I heard jellybeans heart beat and it was amazing. After that I was overwhelmed with joy because I knew jellybean was healthy. I can’t wait to hear it again tomorrow :). Jellybeans developing so quickly!

I’m taking off of work (AGAIN) today even though I did so 2 weeks ago. I just really want to relax and not stress out today. I’m tired, because I was to worked up this morning to get back to sleep. I’m not taking any risks to jellybean, I just can’t allow it. I’m just so relieved jellybean is okay. Matt and I were panicking.

I’ll just spend my day taking a short nap, some drawing and watching RAW later

Its 8am and I still haven’t slept…

I have work tonight, a closing shift and I have a lot of errands to run so no time for naps. I feel so exhausted and I no I need sleep, especially for jellybean. No matter how hard I try to just relax, by reading, watching tv and talking to Matt, I just can’t do it and I feel so frustrated about it.

Its times like this I really hate myself for being bipolar. Insomnia, by far is the worst symptom I get out of it. It literally ruins my life and I hope now it doesn’t cause any harm to jellybean and only effects me. 

I’m 7 weeks!!!!!:P


So the doctors told me today….

I really need to rest more and should spend this day napping a bit and taking it easy. So I did that. The babys fine, the doctor just noted I was a little to fatigued and run down and after learning I worked a really late shift she suggested I stay home from work. I worked til 12 am last night building the entire store and I woke up at 8 for the appointment. So that sounded great actually so I stayed home tonight. I feel a lot better. Still tired but not falling asleep in the car or anything. 

I think I do need to take it a bit more easy but the house drove me nuts today. So I went out and continued on with the 100% of riptos rage with my friend angie. Thats a great way to relax. I’m off again tomorrow so I’ll just hang around with matt, watch raw, eat, and play video games.