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Posts tagged: pregnancy

I’ve never questioned my sanity but…

These nesting instincts are making me insane lately. 

I just took out the garbage and freaked out when I saw trash already get thrown in it. Right after I changed it. Men don’t use common sense - why the fuck don’t you just throw it out with the trash going outside bro?!!!

Okay - maybe I’m just going a bit cray but right now I’m at the point where I’m getting emotional and apparently throwing out a plate is like getting sand - IN THE POTATO SALAD.




Big news

I’m keeping Jellybean. I just can’t give him away. He needs to be with us. He already interacts with us and somehow he understands that hes probably the most loved little person on the planet. So yeah… I’m going to be his mommy just like I should be. 

Also did I mention I’m 13 weeks and I’m in my second trimester apparently??


Didn’t I just like, find out yesterday?? It feels like it. Damn.  Jellybean will be here in no time. I’m already showing and can feel him move. Oh well, people will start suspecting and gon hate either way. 

Also - I’m 12 weeks now :)

Miscarriage is now unlikely :)

Such a relief! So happy Jellybean made it. 

You and your jellybean are precious :3 Have you felt him move yet?


Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I can understand why you're keeping it quiet, but even now I hear your fanboys weeping saying "it should have been me".


I don’t think any of my fanboys want to imagine me fat and awkward. 

Felt the baby move at 11 weeks…

Yesterday I felt a weird sensation I dismissed as gas. Today it happened again so I was like “WTF” obviously. I told my Doctor and he told me it was just jellybean moving around :)

didn’t even know it was possible but apparently it is and very common. Some women even feel it as early as 7 weeks. What. the. hell.

Matt couldn’t feel anything but I’m so excited now :) Hes on permanent belly patrol until he feels something. Hes ecstatic.



Migraine relief any one?

I’m 11 weeks and only became aware now Asprin isn’t safe to take during pregnancy. I thought it was because my mom did, and the doctor never mentioned it. I don’t take it regularly only in cases like yesterday when I had a bad migraine it was actually making me dizzy and see spots. I was just told this now talking with my friend Marissa.

Does any one know of any natural and safe remedies? I’m really pissed at myself now. 

So proud of my baby boy

Flashing his ding ding on the sonogram,making mama proud. <3

I was right!!!

11 weeks with a baby boy!

My strange addiction/craving right now

I wake up after sleeping the evening si I won’t be dead my 5am - 1pm shift and you know what appeals to me?

Sourcream and cheezits….