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Rant on parenting

Before I start this rant, let me describe to you where I work. I work in Jc penneys, in one of the busiest malls on long island. We have 2 floors and 3 entrances; one goes to our parking lot, and the other two go into the mall and a fair distance from mall entrances. 

Today I was working and I saw a 3 year old(~) little boy playing with the elevators censors. Nothing I haven’t seen before or terrible, but our censors continue closing after the doors have closed so much. He stuck his hand in to late and almost got it stuck. Literally gave me 3 heart attacks. I knew he didn’t mean any harm, and was just being the typical 3 year old so I kindly asked him o stop playing with the elevator because it could hurt him. He walked away from me after into the dress department near a women who I thought was his mother(turns out, it wasn’t).  So I just continued on with my work.

SO I went into the dungeon to check on the what we had pushed back and when I came back out to the sales floor, (I spent about a minute back there) I saw the little bot dashing all the way on the other side of the store (keep in mind, my store is huge, in fact the largest in the entire mall with) BY HIMSELF. I immediately dropped everything and went to go see where he was running off to alone because considering the fact standing up he only came up to my knee cap (and I’m 5’4) I knew he was far to young to be any where by himself. I found him just running around the capri tables and I started to call out to him nicely saying “come here sweetheart”. He instantly ran back towards the dresses department - which in case I haven’t stressed it enough on the complete opposite side of the store. I jogged to keep up with him and he ran to this women who was obviously his actual mother and that made my stomach turn. She was a different women then the one I saw before. 

Now guys, this is when I got to a psychotic level of anger. I can handle people throwing shit on the floor and even leaving food and drinks in the store, but when people just let their children run around Pedophile central mall by themself while they don’t have a care in the world, I get mad. Like really, obscenely mad.  She just turned around to look at me while the boy hugged her leg and she said something to him in some language. I told her where her son was and that we had 3 mall exits making it very easy for a child getting abducted. I then asked her politely (NOTE: If I wasn’t working this would have gone in the complete opposite direction - cursing her out) if she could please watch her son more closely, because we don’t want to see him get abducted. Ready for the response only mom of the year could make?

^^^LITERALLY. ALL SHE SAID WAS “OH”. My child could have just been abducted?  Because of my ridiculous and unnecessary neglect I disturbed this persons work? Oh.  *Insert subliminal how dare you criticize my parenting even though you could have just saved my childs life* 

I stormed away from her. I was literally about to snap. If a child goes missing we have to lock down the store, and as you can guess we get so much heat from the angry trapped customers. That inconvenience doesn’t bother me though. Its the uncertainty of the childs well being. Even before I got pregnant I have always been very maternal and protective over children. Even at work I will drop everything to fix a safety hazard or make sure a child isn’t lost. I’m known for “baby proofing” the store. A persons safety is my number one priority, especially a kid.

So I went on my 15 minute break (since tonight I only worked 4 hours) to blow off steam and treat myself to a video game. When I come back I am about to go in the elevator to put my stuff away and continue working and who do I see trying to go up the elevator by himself? The 3 year old little boy. I asked him where his mother was, and you know what he says?

"I’m looking for my brother."

I asked him where his mother was.

He said “I don’t know, but she told me to go find him”. 

GUYS. GUYS, mom of the year sent her 3 year old son upstairs alone to try to find her 5 year old son while she continued shopping in an unknown location. Thats when it hit me. If I had to meet this women again, I would probably end up being fired for what I was going to do to her. I told the little boy as sweet and content as I could, trying to hold back my frustration with his fuck wit mother and walked him out of the elevator. I showed him my shirt (thankfully this was the one night I threw on my uniform since we have a casual professional dress code) and my badge. Then my heart got broken.

He began to cry because he thought he was in trouble. He thought HE was in trouble. I almost began to cry myself. It just made me even more angry. I knew it wasn’t my fault, that children get intimidated by authority and can be very sensitive with people they don’t know, but I still felt guilty. I never speak to a child in a harsh tone, and I always bend down and do the usual soft, friendly voice with them. It just made me even more angry because it was his mothers fault. If only he were old enough for me to tell him “No your mother is the one whos in trouble” and thats what I would have said to his mother if I had seen her again that night.

Luckily, my supervisor Lisa saw me walking the little boy, and she knows my subtle look of death as I call it. She asked me what the deal was and I told her this boy was lost, and his idiot mother sent him to go find his 5 year old brother. She took it on from there.

She told me later that I looked like I was going to kill somebody and she wasn’t surprised when I told her that I had already spoken to his mother about watching her kids. You know what she told me? His sister came to get him. His 6 year old sister walked him back to his mother. His brother was with her. WHAT.

YES, guys. This women brought 3 kids under the age of 7 to the mall with her and was not seen with either one of them from me or Lisa at any point in time. WHAT THE FUCK. 

This lady is the luckiest women in the world for 2 reasons. 

  1. That none of her children have been abducted yet. My mall has at least 2 child abductions a week, and those children are usually found months later having been prostituted our for cocaine. 
  2. That I did not see her for the rest of the night. If I did, I would have gotten fired for pulverizing her. I really have poor control over my temper, and I know thats what I would have done. 

I would have hit her because she hurt me first. It really, truly hurts me that I, being a complete stranger cares more for her children then she does and that these kids have to go hom to a life with this negligent pig. 

I’m sorry, I just had to get all of this out. Its been bothering me all night. When I really feel the need to hit somebody  I just need to write and that feeling of wanting to hurt this bitch has bothered me all night. I couldn’t think straight and she got my mind racing. I wanted to do more then hit hurt. I wanted to freaking battle ram her when I saw her. 

I’ll just leave this here. I feel so much better now that its out.