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Bigshow vs Cody Rhodes
  1. I was overjoyed at it being a tables match but it was at this point i started to get the feeling that my prediction was wrong and that an upset was being foreshadowed.
  2. I actually got scared during the match because I thought show accidently broke cody rhodes face (his brow more specifically) because Show stiffed him (really show?). But I’m glad to see hes alright.Cody rhodes isn’t one of my favorites despite being the son of dusty rhodes, but I hate seeing anybody get actually injured.¬†
  3. Long story short, bigdope dominated until he stepped through a table. Wow. I don’t even have a gif to show my feeling of second hand embarrassment. Yup, got this prediction wrong. Cody stole the win by a technicality.
  4. I’m actually glad. I just feel like Bigdope doesn’t make a good intercontinental champion. I mean yeah hes a big strong guy, but hes really slow. Its been rumored that he his ancestors are in fact those ancient 7-9 ft sloths that once walked the planet with us a few million years ago (Look it up).
  5. I just feel like hes working in the wrong title picture. Have rhodes defend it against swagger, miz, even del rio or ziggler. Big show is just to big to be fighting guys that should be in the (rest in peace) cruiserweight division.
  6. I’m sensing a heel turn or at least another fine for attacking cody after the match.¬†

¬†Overall rating: 8 For wwe havng a title changing hands unexpectedly. Unfortunately I have a feeling Codys going to continue to “poke the bear” instead of moving on from this drawn out boring storyline. And really, I don’t want to see rhodes vs show again anytime soon. The fact we have 4 matches that were on the wrestlemania card just 3 weeks ago just makes it feel like a wrestlemania rehash. Lets just move on already.

Heres a dusty gif for good measure and because I never have an opportunity to use it because well, Just look at it: