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Posts tagged: Ricardo rodriguez

Fuck santino

Ricardo is quite possibly the biggest sport and best clown in the WWE.

I think Rcardos got quite the crush on sheamus going on in on in spanish about how hes so big and strong he is. It was actually really funny.

Now we know Vinces crackship:

Sheamus vs Alberto del rio

Actually pretty excited for this match. I’m so happy they kicked del rios “destiny” gimmick. It was just annoying and boring. I also love the wacky character Ricardos been playing on raw and smackdown. I love Ricardo, and thats why I love seeing del rio - besides del rio being a great performer.

I WANT del rio to win

but I know sheamus will since hes having a seemingly endless push.

Ricardo sounds like chewbacca lol

Santino, I don’t thinkyou make a good champion but holy shit I’d love to be his best friend and drink a beer with him. Hes hilarious. 

What the fuck was the point in that promo?