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Team Teddy wrestlemania spoilers

Preview of how this team will work and what we will witness at wrestlemania 28.

The first confrontation between teddy and johnny:

R truth will be himself per usual since they haven’t developed his character much in the past few months.

This is going to be hornswoggle in his whack ass get up:

The great Khali being useless but intimidating at least:

Kofi kingston trolling starbucks (thanks wrasslermonkey)

Booker T is going to be showing off his swag while Cole complains

Santino will be doing his powerwalk around the ring

At some point in the match Johnny Ace will try to pull a screwjob and Teddys gonna be like:


Then hopefully we get a bitch fight between aksana and Vickie.

oh and who can forget, Zack Ryders just going to grimace aimlessly about Eves boobs.

Team teddy ftw even though they’re team isn’t built as well as Johnnys. I think they’ll win to show off “The underdog” thing. 

My friends and I have literally been saying this for days now. Posting this for you Marissa.