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Posts tagged: Botchamania

Its this kind of day -

Lounging around watching wrestling to distract myself from my cat going missing. I’ve done everything I could and have signs up. Hopefully I get a call that some one has taken her in and will return her without a problem.

Money in the bank is tonight. Watching botchamania until that happens. I just need something to keep my mind off the thought of my cat being dead on the road somewhere. I walked around my neighborhood and didn’t see her on the road - so thats a good thing at least. Shes neutered so she would never travel far. 3 apartments up would be pushing it for her. Shes probably sleeping somewhere but I’ll keep calling her. 

Our obsession with Botchamania just came into play again. I urge my followers who like wrestling to watch it. Its just hilarious. Watch this and you’ll get hooked. 

Who else has watched botchamania?  I’m posting this for 2 reasons:

  1. If I’m in a shitty mood, I watch this and laugh my ass off. I discovered this series a few days ago and its hilarious. Everything from wrestling botches, to idiot back yard wrestlers, disastrous drunken promos, and just fucked up commentary. If you’re a long time wrestling fan you’ll love it.
  2.  I’m posting this for my friend Angie. Even though she doesn’t like wrestling I think she’ll find the dog bit hilarious.