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Speaking of ki…..

His 8th birthday is coming up April 29th and I got him these so far:


The Rock headphones from toys r us

and something hes been wanting for alittle over a year - and his favorite wrestler by the way:


The Dolph Ziggler elite 19 figure.

He wanted just any dolph ziggler figure but we could never find one. 

If anybody sees any great sales going on of wwe, or sonic products let me know. I always go all out on his birthday. There is no price cap. Hes just really into wwe and sonic right now. 

I already know what I’m getting my brother on may 4th (hes turning 21) …. a 3ds!! Just have to decide which color. I’m pretty sure his favorite color is still green but I know he likes red as well. I’m getting a pink one soon too. Mostly… so we can battle in pokemon x and y. 

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